Dear Carlo,

The shipment arrived today and I’m very pleased with it. Thank you for sending it so quickly and safely!
Kind regards,
Laurie Ann Wilson
USA | California, 9 Luglio 2024
Hello Claudio,

The painting arrived in good condition and we love it!

Thank you very much,
Eugène Kok
Olanda, 4 Ottobre 2023
Ciao Claudio,

Honestly I don’t know where to start. We opened the package tonight and I first saw that you included a wonderful print. What a surprise! It’s so lovely. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. That type of generosity is rare and I want to express how grateful I am. It means so much to me. By the way, what type of work is that? It looks almost like a drawing. Is it a print?

The book is stunning too! I can’t stop looking through it. There are so many paintings and sculptures in it that I’ve never seen.

Now for La Legna. When I began to pull the wrapping off the picture I started to feel overwhelmed. I first saw the sky and the striking blue colors. Then I pulled the entire wrapping off and I actually started crying. I was stunned and in awe. Norberto captured something that is almost beyond words. It is even better than I could imagine. I had that type of reaction the first time I walked into basilica di San Francesco in Assisi but I’ve never had it with a painting from a modern artist. I was almost breathless. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this painting with me and for making the cost possible for me. I really think the painting is priceless. It’s such a profoundly beautiful work of art. I will love it and cherish it for a very long time. Thank you, Claudio. Thank you.

Seth Stroud
USA | North Carolina, 4 Agosto 2023
Hi Carlo

We finally received the Madonna
Well packed and safe home now
Thank you very much
Wishing you a very good evening
Marc Van Cauter
Belgio, 27 Luglio 2023
Dear Claudio,
Thank you for all assistance. The Norberto hangs on our wall. We had museum glass 92% put in the frame. For a photo see attachment.
Have a nice evening.
Best regards,
Jacques Berings
Jacques Berings
Olanda, Settembre 2022
“Carissimi Carlo e Claudio grazie! Nella Vostra Galleria in Assisi, visitata alcune volte, abbiamo sempre trovato cortesia e competenza. I consigli e le indicazioni che ci avete dato sono sempre stati precisi e affidabili. Il materiale acquistato da voi e, per motivi logistici spedito tramite corriere, è arrivato nei tempi e nei modi previsti, imballato alla perfezione e integro. Un abbraccio!! A presto!” 
Varese, 20 Luglio 2022

Dear Claudio,

The painting had arrived in good condition. We are very happy with it!
Kind regards,
Wendy Verspeek
Wendy Verspeek
Olanda, 9 Maggio 2022

Buon Natale!

Our table arrived yesterday, after we were driven crazy by FEDEX, who forgot to send us forms.

Question-is the marble treated and do we need to treat it every year? We will use a 1/2 inch glass top.

Next, can you tell us the materials you used in the table top so we can tell everyone!

Your work is gorgeous. We look forward to seeing you in Assisi when this pandemic ends.

Stay safe and grazie tanto,

Judy and Bruce from New York City

Usa | New York, 23 Dicembre 2021

Ciao Claudio,

I just wanted to let you know we received the books and paintings. They are all so wonderful!
The barrels oil painting has a very interesting green color. I’m so curious about this type of green in Norberto’s work. It seems like he used it a lot in his early period.
Let us know if you get anymore original paintings! Thanks again for everything. 


Seth Stroud
Usa | Cornelius, North Carolina, 01 Ottobre 2021

Dear Claudio,

The serigraph arrived today. It is perfection! 👌
Graci! Gracie mille!

Liz Polanzke

Liz Polanzke
Usa, 08 Ottobre 2021

Dear Claudio,

the Quincunx  has arrived safely and extremely professionally packaged with us today. Thank you very much for that. It’s  really a very nice piece.
We hope to be back in Assisi in the not too distant future and would be happy to visit you.
All the best and warm greetings to you

Ute and Martin Culmann

Ute Dr. Culmann
Germania, 04 Ottobre 2021

Ciao Claudio,

il quadro è arrivato in condizioni perfette.

Pasquale De Vito, Olgiate Molgora, Lecco

Pasquale de Vito
Lecco | Italia, 20 Settembre 2021
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