Dear Claudio,
“Cavaliere a Cavallo”  arrived yesterday.  Thank you, Thank you.
We prefer, however, to call it “The Moment of Conversion”.
In any case, we had prepared a space for it in our Library and it fits perfectly.
We will bring in our Electrician to install the appropriate spot light.
We like it even more now than when we bought it.
We can feel it and, when we do, hear it… and  we can still see the life-size original in
our Mind’s Eye.

So, again, thank you, thank you.

Thomas Tarantino

Ciao Claudio!!

Amiamo ancora la nostra tavola bellissima!!! 

Ci siamo goduti molti pasti! 

Spero che tu e la tua famiglia stiate bene. speriamo di tornare in Italia la prossima primavera. verremo e visiteremo!


Deb, Brian e famiglia

Deborah Joel

Hello again, we just want to send you pictures of the artwork at the wall in our living room!

Eva-Liisa & Bjørn

Ciao Claudio !

Et voilà ! Looks great !

I guess no product is to be used to clean. Do we have to reprotect in some years ?

Envoyé de mon iPhone



Mr.Volpi, I wish this email will find you well.

I was in Mexico and came back to Japan yesterday. In my absence, the piece was delivered safe and now moved to my home. I saw it yesterday. It was a very nice piece. Thank you very much for your arrangements. I appreciate your effort very much. I would like to keep in contact with you and consultwith you. when I will think of a new project to ask you.


Yusuke Shiro SARAYA

Thank you for prompt reply, I have had the painting framed  in London and it looks beautiful!


Dear Claudio,

Books and painting received, thank you.

Honk Kong




Hi Claudio,

Clare has made it home to her ‘brother’.

Thank you again for organising her for me and keeping her safe.

They belong together!

Peace and all good


Dear Claudio and Carlo,

We hope the new year has gotten off to a good start for you.
We just wanted to let you know the marble table we ordered from you when we visited your lovely shop in Assisi last summer has found a good home in Finland. Many friends and family have admired the beautiful design and finish of the unique table. Winter has finally arrived as you can probably see in the background from the enclosed picture.
We would also very much look forward to receiving the description of the marbles used in the table we talked about earlier.
We wish you all the best and look forward to visiting your shop again next time we are in Assisi.


Markus & Camilla Steinby

The Rabarama sculpture just arrived. And because of the excellent job you did packing, our wonderful piece of art arrived in perfect condition. Thank you, Claudio, for doing everything you said you would do…and doing it well. Whenever we return to Assisi, we will return to your gallery and hopefully buy some more of the work of the remarkable artists you represent.

Best regards

Richard & Cheryl Groenendyke
USA | New Mexico

Dear Claudio,
The table arrived today and it sits in a place of honor in the middle of our large open space. We regard it as a true work of art, an investment for life. It took four men to get it up the stairs, which was fun to watch. We followed it online through its stops in various places in America, and now it is in Pennsylvania.
Best regards, from Diana George and John Edwards

Diana George and John Edwards
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